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Course Introduction

Comprehensive levels

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner above HSK level 5, you can find a course suitable for you.

Manifold subjects

Our curriculum includes basic Chinese language courses, vocational Chinese courses, courses on Chinese history and culture, HSK training courses and other varied courses.

Students’ Feedback

Spain Bai Feng
United States Wang Huiren
Japan Rin Taro
Finland Bowen
Spain Sunoy
Canada Qizhou
Italy Ding Yijun
Russia Liushi
South Korea Lee Seung-hyun
Japan Tonana
Germany Huang Wuqi

Our Strengths

A top-notch Chinese teaching team

As a leader in Chinese teaching field at home and abroad, we have an excellent Chinese teaching team with rich experience in Chinese language teaching, Chinese culture teaching and online Chinese teaching.
Whether it is online or in-person teaching, our teaching has been unanimously applauded by students.

An internationally leading professional platform for Chinese teaching

“IChinese”( an online live-streamed teaching platform for Chinese Language and Culture College of Beijing Normal University.
With its online live-streamed interactive mode, which is the most suitable for the language teaching, it provides you nearly the same learning effect as in the in-person class.

A highly efficient Chinese teaching model

Our teaching model incorporates the online live-streamed teaching, question-and-answer guidance, and language-partner assistance, so as to help you improve your Chinese proficiency and understand Chinese culture within a short time.

A practical and manifold curriculum

Our practical and effective curriculum can quickly improve your listening, speaking, reading and writing competence, and enhance your understanding about Chinese culture and national profiles. Fully considering the learners' time difference, study intensity, class time and class size, we design our curriculum multi-dimensionally and therefore provide a variety of options, including customized courses to meet individual needs.