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Curriculum Features and Provision
1. The curriculum covers comprehensive levels.
Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner above HSK level 5, you can find a course suitable for you.
2. The curriculum has manifold subjects.
Our curriculum includes basic Chinese language courses, vocational Chinese courses, courses on Chinese history and culture, HSK training courses and other varied courses.
Recent launched quality courses are: elementary Chinese comprehensive, intermediate Chinese reading and writing, intermediate Chinese listening and speaking, advanced Chinese audio-visual listening and speaking, HSK (level 4) training, intermediate business Chinese.
3. The class size is moderate.
The class size of 6-10 learners does not only ensure every learner’s participation in the class, but also facilitate the learners to make friends with each other and understand multiple cultures.
4. The schedule is flexible for option.
Learners can freely make options among courses of varying intensities: 2-class- per-week experiencing courses, 6-class-per-week regular courses, 10-class-per-week intensive courses. Each course provides two options of duration: 4 weeks and 8 weeks.
We can also set up some particular classes to your needs and provide customized courses, such as some high-end quality one-to-one and one-to-two classes.
Teaching Mode and Time
Recent Courses and Schedule (Beijing Time)
Recent Courses and Fees
Note:A regular class is not opened if the number of students does not arrive at the minimum of 6. The duration of one session is 45 minutes.
Trial Class
Application Procedure
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